HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Technology is a two-year diploma program designed to prepare students to become entry-level technicians with the skills needed to install, maintain and troubleshoot today’s complex heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, including residential and light commercial. Students will receive comprehensive instruction from certified HVAC instructors with years of professional experience.

The program includes thorough classroom and hands-on training using modern techniques and industry standard tools for training in HVAC theory, diagnostics, and repair procedures. The program also emphasizes an understanding of environmental issues and indoor air quality standards that are associated with the HVAC industry. Students will graduate with EPA certifications and qualifications to meet the demands of a highly competitive workforce.

Selected Bible classes offered through Crown College of the Bible provide a biblical foundation that will guide students to lead the life of integrity that is essential to honoring Christ in their work. This coursework will result in the completion of the Foundation for Christian Life certificate program.


Fall Semester
BI 101Old Testament Survey3
BI 120Bible Geography2
CM 121Personal Evangelism2
OR 100Freshman Orientation1
TAT 100Career Development Principles2
TAT 102Electrical Systems3
TAT 104Introduction to HVAC3
TAC 106Practical Shop Time1
Spring Semester
BI 102New Testament Survey3
BI 203Methods of Bible Teaching2
CM 132Living the Christian Life3
TAC 203Fundamentals of HVAC Maintenance I3
TAC 220HVAC System Theory and Development3
TAC 230Residential Systems I2
TAC 206Practical Shop Time 1
Fall Semester
BI 204Hermeneutics and Bible Study2
BI 211Bible Doctrine I3
MI 101Introduction to Missions2
TAC 303Fundamentals of HVAC Maintenance II3
TAC 340HVAC System Controllers3
TAC 330Residential Systems II2
TAC 306Practical Shop Time1
Spring Semester
BI 212Bible Doctrine II3
HI 492Baptist History and Distinctives3
SC 401Creation Science3
TAC 405Commercial HVAC Systems3
TAC 460Commercial Refrigeration Systems3
TAC 480Basic Welding1
TAC 420HVAC EPA Certification Preparation0
TAC 406Practical Shop Time1