Dr. Robert Patton

Dean of Science and Healthcare


Dr. Loyd Ewing

Dean of Academics


Dr. Matthew Whiteside

Professor of Science







pattonDr. Robert Patton

Dr. Patton received Jesus Christ as his Savior while administering medicine in Liberia, South Africa. After being influenced by missionary doctors and while reading the Gospel of John, Dr. Patton knelt by his bedside and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to save him. Dr. Patton has served on staff of the Crown College since since 2012. After serving the Lord in Suriname through planting churches and starting radio broadcasts, Dr. Patton came to the Crown College and taught many missions courses. Now he serves as the Dean of Science and Healthcare.


  • A.B., Biology/Chemistry, Hamilton College (1959)
  • M.D., University of Rochester School of Medicine (1963)
  • D.D., Baptist College of America (1997)
  • M.Miss., Crown Seminary (2013)
  • M.B.S., Crown Seminary (2018)


  • Who’s Who in American Colleges-Hamilton College
  • Decorated by Liberian Government-1976
  • Published twenty-two journals, articles, and books.
  • Assistant Chief of Medicine, USPHS Hospital, Staten Island, N.Y. (1967-1969)
  • Professor of Medicine and head of department, A.M. Dogliotti School of Medicine, Monrovia, Liberia (1971-1976)
  • Private practice, head of ICU at Berrien General Hospital, Berrien Springs, MI (1976-1986)







EwingDr. Loyd Ewing

Dr. Loyd Ewing has been teaching here at Crown College for 25 years. He teaches many courses such as Anatomy and Physiology, Botany, Ecology, Calculus, and Probability and Statistics.


  • B.S. Agr. Engrng Univ. of Illinois, Urbana (1978)
  • M.S. Agr. Engrng Univ. of Illinois, Urbana (1981)
  • Ph.D. Agr. Engrng Univ. of Illinois, Urbana (1984)
  • M. Christian Education Crown College of the Bible, Powell, TN (2010)

Selected Publications:

  • Ewing, L.K., D.H. Vanderholm, C.W. Boast, and W.D. Lembke, 1985.  “Numerically Simulated Unsaturated Flow for Sand Filter Design.”  TRANSACTIONS of the ASAE 28(5):1583-1590
  • Ewing, L.K., and J.K. Mitchell, 1986.  “Overland Flow and Sediment Transport Simulation on Small Plots.”  TRANSACTIONS of the ASAE 29(6):1572-1581
  • Ewing, L.K., and J.K. Mitchell, 1986.  “Parameter Value Prediction for Holtan’s Infiltration Equation.”  TRANSACTIONS of the ASAE 29(1):170-175.







whitesideDr. Matthew Whiteside

Dr. Matthew Whiteside came to Crown College in 2018. He teaches many courses here such as Biology, Chemistry, and Nutrition.


  • B.S. Chemistry, Magna Cum Laude, Arkansas State University (2005)
  • Ph.D. Biology, Chemical Ecology, University of California at Irvine (2011)

Selected Publications:

  • Whiteside, M. D., M. A. Digman, E. Grattan, and K. K. Treseder, 2012. Organic nitrogen uptake by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in a boreal forest. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 55: 7-13.
  • Whiteside, M. D., M. O. Garcia, K. K. Treseder, 2012 Amino acid uptake in arbuscular mycorrhizal plants. PLoS ONE 7: e47643.
  • Whiteside, M. D., K. K. Treseder, and P. R. Atsatt. 2009. The brighter side of soils: Quantum dots track organic nitrogen through fungi and plants. Ecology 90:100-108.